Office Visits

First contact

After you schedule your initial exam appointment, we have devised our own proprietary system that will send you an email where you can securely fill out all patient information including health history and insurance information online.  All your information will be sent securely to our office without you having to use  a pen or pencil to fill out forms. Included in the email are images and directions to our office.

Our exam times are usually scheduled early in the morning and in the early afternoon.  The early exams are scheduled before work so that our patients won't have to miss work nor school. The initial exam takes 30 minutes. As a courtesy to our referring doctors and patients, there is no charge for the initial exam.

Initial exam / first visit

We call this an Intraoral exam. Dr. Miroue will evaluate your occlusion, facial contour and balance. He will explain his preliminary findings and discuss your various treatment options and will also show you before and after photos of similar cases that he has treated.

Before leaving, he will give you a printed step by step customized outline of your treatment  with both dialogue and photos. You will also be presented with a animated CD depicting your treatment sequencing so there will be no necessity for you to take notes.

Treatment booklet

You will also receive a detailed treatment plan that includes photos of all appliances that will be used.

Computerized graphics and morphing

Dr. Miroue will use the latest in computer-generated graphics to show you how your teeth will be moved, and demonstrate any desirable facial changes that orthodontics will achieve.

Orthodontic records appointment

Before a final diagnosis can be made, an orthodontic records appointment must be scheduled. We can schedule that appointment before you leave, or you can telephone us at a later date to set up the records appointment. Orthodontic records are necessary to arrive at a treatment plan that will ensure an aesthetic smile and excellent facial contour.

In-house records

As a convenience to our patients, we have the capacity to take all necessary records at our office. There is no need to drive to an outside X-ray laboratory.


We are proud to have a state of the art records lab which consists of the latest digital low radiation Kodak X-ray machine. We use no film nor chemicals.


Our office has the latest digital photographic equipment. Digital photos will be processed immediately into our computers. The photo imaging is instantaneous: there is no delay of treatment due to the time previously needed to develop conventional photos at a photographic lab.

Study models

This records appointment lasts one hour. Dr. Miroue will use the data to determine the best treatment for you. He will use the latest computer technology to display the favorable facial changes that may result from orthodontic treatment.

Treatment plan

After records have been taken, Dr. Miroue will place all the data on the computer. Then he will arrive at a diagnosis that features orthodontic stability and facial harmony.

Customized graphic chart

Dr. Miroue has developed a unique program that places his diagnostic findings on the patient’s treatment chart so the patient can see the before-and-after facial results before treatment begins, the initial color photos of the teeth, the initial X-rays, and the before-and-after position of the teeth relative to the lips.

We have found that patients really enjoy seeing the progress they are making by comparing the beginning photos with their current tooth position at each appointment.

Phone consult

Dr. Miroue’s treatment coordinator will phone you to set up appointments for placement of braces. We will coordinate all ancillary appointments with your dentist.

Communication with your dentist

Dr. Miroue corresponds with your dentist digitally with his customized treatment forms that explain your treatment. He will email pertinent X-rays, diagnosis, treatment plans and visual treatment objectives to your dentist.

At the conclusion of treatment, he will send your dentist before/after color photos or jpegs of your results along with your final X-rays. These photos are also given to the patient when retainers are delivered.

Scheduling of bandings

The treatment coordinator will set up your banding appointments at the time of the phone consultation. Banding appointments take from 1 to 2 hours and are scheduled in the morning at a time when there is less activity in the office.

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